tree hugging sister and the invite you to
Get Your Very Own HOT!! PINK!! Campaign Swill Stuff!

SARAHcuda Bumper Stickers*
11" x 3" Crack 'n Peel UV protected Vinyl
$2.50 ea. (includes shipping) ~ Buy Now

SARAHcuda T Shirts*
$26.95 Each (shipping included**)
100% cotton inner layer ~ 100% micropolyester outer
Generously sized and
soft soft soft as a baby's...well, you know

Men's SMALL Buy Now
Men's MEDIUM Buy Now
Men's LARGE Buy Now

Rather have a trendier "Girl Cut" T ?
Shorter sleeve/shirt length and a closer fit

$26.95 each* (shipping included**)
Girl Cut SMALL Buy Now
Girl Cut MEDIUM Buy Now
Girl Cut LARGE Buy Now
Girl Cut EXTRA LARGE Buy Now

*A healthy portion of the SARAHcuda Collection
profits will benefit the Veterans for John McCain ~ Pensacola, FL office and their ongoing scrabble for monies to purchase toilet paper, bottled water and fatty snacks for the hard working volunteers.

Like tree hugging sister.
**USA only. Foreign rates just a few dollars more, so email us!

All Swill Stuff designed and made locally,
right here in Pensacola, FL.

Thanks so much!!
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